Search Traffic = More Sales

If your Amazon product is NOT on google page 1 for your niche keywords – you are losing money everyday!

With our long time SEO experience (over 1o years) we will help you safely outrank your competition and bring your Amazon listing on google page 1 top spots.

We will handle everything!

  • from analyzing the keywords that will bring the most traffic and sales
  • Optimizing your Amazon Listing SEO just how Amazon and Google like it
  • Building high quality backlinks from from out great high authority sources
  • Creating power social signals to your product from the top social networks

How do we do it?

  1. Researching the best search term to target 
    We will deep research the best keywords for your own product  – the ones that will bring you actual sales and conversation.
  2. Improving your Amazon listing SEO structure 
    There are so many small or big SEO errors we see on our clients Amazon pages everyday. with our vast experience we know exactly what google and Amazon love or hate – we will optimize your Amazon listing SEO structure to perfection.
  3. Building high quality backlinks to your Amazon listing
    Amazon domain is a very high authority one – that is a very unuiqe starting point when building links. with our vast experience we know exactly what kind of backlinks your Amazon listings needs to hit top google spots.
  4. Creating a snowball effect
    The amazing thing about boosting your Amazon listing on Google that it create an amazing snowball effect that boost your product within Amazon as well! we have seen it dozens of times and it works magic.

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What Our Clients Say

IplusMarketing achieved the results we were looking for in record time. its been 5 months now and our Amazon product line is booming with new sales. best investment we ever made was hiring this guys.


“Very very pleased!  we came with little exceptions into this but made the math and even 5-6 more sales a month would cover the monthly fee for this service with a little profit so we went for it. little that we know that our sales number will jump up in 300% in the first month… so yes this service is worth it. I just signed up for additional 3 more products. iPlus marketing service is a game changer for FBA sellers.


“Can’t recommend this company enough. iPlusmarketing were like a miracle for our business. they fixed SEO errors on our Amazon listing that have been there of years (previous SEO company told us nothing about that) and we are not placed on google first page for many of keyword terms we were hoping for. great great service”


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes iPlus Marketing different than other SEO companies?

We specialize on ranking Amazon products on search engines and nothing else. that’s all we do and if you don’t mind us bragging – we are damn good at it.

Our experience and knowledge about ranking Amazon products is something you won’t be able to find in other SEO service providers.


Do you offer any guarantees?

Google warns to stay away from companies claiming to guarantee rankings. Any company that says they can is being dishonest as Google’s algorithm changes frequently. but While we cannot guarantee rankings, we have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients and keeping those results over the long term.

How long before I see results?

Most of the times the results come fairly quickly, you will be able to see increase in your sales numbers in the first 1-2 months already. that number will keep increasing as we add more and more keywords to our target list and as the snowball effect take place and your Amazon ranks start to increase as well.

How much are your services?

We charge a flat fee of $199 per products for a month worth of work. the service is renewable. once we achieve tops ranks for the keywords we target – we keep on working to maintain those ranks and adding more and more new keywords to go after.

You can cancel our service at anytime you wish. we will keep working till the end of the month and any work that have been done will remain for ever.

Sign Up For Our Monthly Plan!

Sign Up For Our Monthly Plan!