Why Google Is The Secret Weapon To Boost up your Amazon Ranks & Sales


Getting your product to rank high on Amazon is like we all know – is not the easy story it use to a few years ago.

Back then you would give away your product for free for reviews which in return would boost your product up in Amazon ranks.

And like we know – Amazon does not allow that to happen this days. 

Since then there were also many services promising you to get your Amazon product on page 1. they didn’t explain much but their tactic involve using bots and doing things like:

  • adding your product to a wish list
  • adding your product to cart

etc etc etc.

The results usually lasted for a few days or couple of weeks at best.

But this also stopped working since Amazon updated their algorithm a few months ago.

So whats the scoop now at mid 2017?

Well it may come as a surprise for you (or not) but the real key to getting your Amazon product on top spots is actually doing it (in a smart way) via Google.

If you are a product owner and having active listing on Amazon.com – you need to understand the huge opportunity you have regarding search engines.

Amazon.com is one of the highest domain authority in the world

Moz gives amazon.com almost a perfect score of 97!

Google loves authority

When it comes to Google search results ranking – authority is the biggest factor there is.

Fact is that is relatively easy (if you doing the right things) for Amazon products to rank on google top results.

Any Amazon seller that is not using that massive authority power to his advantage is missing out big time.

The Snowball effect

Once your Amazon products are starting to rank on top spots on google for various related keywords – something very interesting and exciting will start to happen (besides the obvious boost in sales)

Your product that is getting that organic traffic from Google will start ranking high on Amazon at well.

We have seen in almost 100% of the times – It’s like Amazon trust google and the leads they are sending their way.

If google ranks “Product A” up high in the keyword : “Best Radio Adapter Car” then Amazon will start ranking “Product A” high for that keyword as well.

Simple as that.

Not to mention obviously the other reason: being ranked high on google will bring you many sales – which will turn into reviews – which like we all know have huge effect on Amazon rankings as well.

How do you get your Amazon product on top of google search results?

If you are convinced already that making an effort to rank your product(s) on Google is the key to your Amazon success you must be asking yourself – OK, So how do I do it?

We at iPlus Marketing have been providing exactly this service over the last years and we can share a bit of a work process:

  • Backlinks that works – we have found a very specific kind of backlinks that works magic just for Amazon products. they are very efficient and they work fast.
  • Social signals – dropping out specific social signals on various social networks like Facebook, twitter and others.
  • Optimizing your Amazon product page to perfection.
  • And on top of all that – doing in-depth research of numerous keywords that are worth chasing after.



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